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Top 10 Forklift Safety Tips for the Material Handling Industry

Almost every warehouse or materials handling facility would use a forklift. They hold a very important place and serve a very vital purpose in everyday operations. They are by far one the most important machines for handling of goods and a significant investment for the business. They serve to aid in productivity, efficiency and in turn overall profitability. They may not be the most cost effective way to handle goods, but they are the most versatile and are the best option for moving large and heavy loads. They are used mostly for loading freight, along with general warehousing. If used properly, a forklift will typically be both cost effective and time effective which will increase productivity. They are a reliable and versatile investment for most facilities.

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8 ways to make your warehouse safer and more productive

Nowadays, warehouses need to be more productive, and in a smaller spaces than ever before. Not only is the cost of property and labour going up, but consumers are expecting more and service is becoming king.

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