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It's how Business's Roll

Conveyor rollers are some of the workhorses of New Zealand’s warehouses, packing sheds, and production lines. And, keeping rollers and conveyors all operating smoothly is what Dyno do best.

High quality and cost-effective, all Dyno rollers are made to order to suit specific applications and preferences across all areas of the materials handling industry. That’s everything from complete, turn-key systems, to components for assembly, or rollers needed for on-going maintenance and repairs.

We manufacture between 100,000 and 130,000 rollers a year.

Shane Milne, Dyno Conveyors’ Technical Specialist and “Roller King”, says no matter what the size or specifications of the rollers, all clients are looking for the same thing: Dependability. “Down-time or glitches can really hurt a business and impact every step along the line. That’s what we’re here to help people avoid.”

If the job is particularly urgent, Dyno will work hard to turn it around overnight. “We’ll always do our utmost for every client – big or small.”

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To help keep an eye on roller wear, we have also factored regular inspections into its Dyno Care programme, launched in 2016. “We recommend that rollers are checked monthly – even if there’re no obvious signs of any issues. Then at least quarterly for the bearings.”

Dyno’s rollers range from plastic all the way through to heavy-duty steel. “We can do whatever the job demands.”

Shane says while Dyno regularly get orders for a single roller, the largest order to-date (excluding system builds) has been for 4,000. “We take everything in our stride. After over a decade in this business, there’s not much that stretches or surprises us.”

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