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Does it go seamlessly? Yes, it does, for the ODT.

“This time I needed something that was exclusive to Otago Daily Times and our particular

 publishing needs; Dyno seemed an obvious option with the regular contact the sales consultants made with the office, and with a reminder by an advert in the trade magazine, I gave them a call.

“It was all smooth sailing from the start,” says Patterson. “The team from Dyno came up, we talked through our needs, gave them a sample of what we wanted with the worst scenarios that could happen and they went away with a Dyno customised system for ODT, including using their Tranzbelt conveyor system and a the unique Ultraslip product for the spiral conveyor – a super slippery plastic that’s ideal for the job.

“After a bit of tweaking here and there, we awarded them the contract. Certainly price had something to do with it as the quote was cost-effective but the team delivered; not a problem. There were never any issues during the process as most of it was done prior to manufacture. Dyno kept us in the loop and we always knew where we were with them. This eliminated any potential stress. Our new Dyno conveyor system is robust, durable and looks impressive and most importantly does the job we intended it to do"

Marty Patterson, Otago Daily Times


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